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Edna Foa - Prolonged Exposure

Malmö  16-19 september 2019

Anmälan skickas till: Human ACT
Mailkontakt alt 1: rikke@humanact.se
För mer info: www.humanact.se/kurser-i-act/pe-foa/
Pris: 17000,- + moms (rabatt vid anmälan före 1 maj)

Om utbildningen:


Professor Edna Foa is a worldwide authority in the treatment of PTSD. She will present prolonged exposure and show how to help clients overcome avoidance regarding everyday life and memories of the traumatic events.

Prolonged exposure is an evidence based treatment and highly effective to different populations with PTSD.

In this 4 day workshop you will learn how to treat PTSD. The participants will engage in training how to motivate and engage patients with PTSD in the treatment. The participants will learn how to learn patients to overcome avoidance in everyday life and also how to process intrusive thoughts and flashbacks.

This workshop takes place in Malmoe, Sweden on September 16-19, 2019 from 9 am – 4 pm

Your investment is 17000 SEK + VAT

The fee includes workshop materials and a signed certificate by Dr. Edna Foa

Sign up before May 1st to get a 1000,- SEK discount, a free bok, complimentary lunch all days and a complementary dinner with Dr. Foa

The amount of seats are very limited

When you register you will receive all the practical information plus a discount code for the hotel

Beteendeterapeutiska föreningen | Kammakarg 62 | 111 24 STOCKHOLM | PG: 850983-8

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